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My little essential oil business grew in just over 2 years to a generous income replacement.  A solid residual income that grows every month. Best of all I felt such deep purpose in what I am doing, what I am sharing and how I am assisting our worlds big and small.  

All by just sharing oils one by one or in classes, and letting our references be the experts and my testimonies and love and belief and knowing shine. I have countless experiences with dōTERRA with my own family and all those on my team. I am brought to my knees in tears for the health and joy and amazing effective support they have given my nearest and dearest.

It is my JOY  helping anyone else achieve this too. I have the tools, the energy, the deep desire to help others feel and experience the time and financial freedom I do. And the same success my team of others do. I have a gorgeous team of diverse souls from all over the country and even internationally too. We can work from anywhere in the world!

My favorite part is that this journey is SO much bigger than me. I get to help support all those on my team AND our world small and BIG by simply sharing this respectful, authentic, truthful, clean, big vision, big purpose company.

Now, five years later, my team has grown to over 4000 people. Such a Diverse group of both customers and people like me that sell dōTERRA from all over.

If you'd like to chat and get more specific questions answered please fill out my contact form and I'll be in touch!

"Daniella's leadership, work-ethic and heart shine everyday for her team. We are so lucky to have her as our mentor!"


"Daniela and I have been friends for more than 8 years after we met in our birthing class and then had our firstborn daughters one day apart.   We started as friends and then became partners in business. Daniella's friendship is that of a sisterhood and we have deep ties of love and life.  As a partner-in-business, Daniella's leadership, work ethic, and heart shine every day for her team. We are so lucky to have her as our mentor! "

- Billea



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