Meet Daniella


I am a grateful guest living on the gorgeous island of Kauai with my two daughters Daysha and Naila.  I love to honestly share my path living and learning and growing, flopping, recovering, how I lean in, rise up, fly and SHINE.... in all my roles as businesswoman, mother, light lover, spiritual junkie and friend. I LOVE to be in the ocean here, dance, search for beach treasures, laugh and connect with my friends here and afar and run my dōTERRA business. I co-parent our girls with their dad, and being their mama is both a FULL plate juggle and my biggest joy.


I have always had a deep love and passion for health and happiness leaning into our plants, flowers and natural surroundings. Growing up on the Central Coast of California rooted me into this. As a fitness trainer and teacher and dancer I was always in tune with my body and loved helping others achieve better health. My search for more natural support, when we first arrived on island, led me to the power of essential oils. I love the endless education and uses nature provides for us. It keeps blowing my mind how simple, effective and multitasking these drops are for home and everyone in it.

I am also a self-growth junkie. Since my early twenties, I've had a book about our souls, hearts, healing, loving by my bedside table. I believe we are all put here to fully express ourselves in our own unique incredible lights. And the remembering and refining of them together, naturally,  is the constant voyage. It is my joy to uplift, inspire and honestly connect with people.  And as I remind myself, also help them BE their best self, authentically.











It was her shoe that hit Brittney Murphy in the head, at the house party, in "Clueless".   Rollin with the Homies. I moved to Los Angeles and was a professional dancer and actor, right out of high school. 

I miss my grandma every day. Lita was my second mom when I came into this world. My mom chose to have me at 23, by herself. From newborn-2 I was raised by my mom, aunt, grandma and a tribe of family & friends. I Wear her bracelets every day.

One of the most selfless things I learned was that my dad adopted me when I was 2 when he married my mom. The way he loved me, provided for me, and the version of me I can see he sees,  I only hope to one day really become. He sees my best me. 

Hearing not so great. Might be because I used to sit under my dad's baby grand piano when he practiced as a young child?


Almost half Italian, part Mexican. It's truly in my blood. Loud family, amazing food, crazy passionate souls. 

At 30 I ended up living on my sister's couch with about 100. Dollars in my bank account. Life asked I change everything all at once.  I was also asked to reroute in 2016. It's has been the big changes that have truly reminded me who I am and refined me to my brightest.

Had Daysha Worthy at 36. Naila Lucia at 40, both naturally. 

She has been a teacher for over 23 years.

Raised & deep roots on the central coast of CA. in Cambria. SLO county my stomping ground. Half of me always there

Lives on Kauai. A place I once lived shortly at a child.   Also, feel a strong deep healing it wraps me in. It is as gorgeous as you hear. Aloha is truly a state of living. Connected, truthful, loving, compassionate, community.


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