What 45 Taught Me and Brought Me...

While everyone is deep into New Years plans, excitement, 2019 year end closing. Goals or Intentions Setting for 2020, I am also reminiscing on all that 45 brought me and taught me

I'll be 46 at the end of January. So, all this New Year energy, also brings me right to remembering all that I lived through since Jan all while being 45...

A lot. Like a whole lot.

This was the first year post divorce that I could FEEL my light again. True it never ever left. But, man, it took a few years to recharge after the valley of a marriage coming apart, separation, divorce, getting on my feet as co parent partner /mother and single income home while then realizing I was deep in the need to heal some big big stuff. After that, it’s this ongoing really awesome journey of discovering. Who have I always been that I maybe hid too much. Who am I now- this age. This season, These age kids, This part of my business growth, This ability as a dancer/artist… and What is new? What is pulling, sparkling, whispering for me to go check out?

So, feeling so much better, finally. I stepped out and lived quite a bit more this year. Able to do more energetically, recouped mostly. I mean we are always healing, but much much stronger.

I've decided to take this month to chalk it down and share the nitty gritty of what I learned. Should be pretty entertaining #dating. Hopefully funny. #surfing #typealeftthebuilding #wheresmykeys Also might need some tissue here and there, cause I always do. #SensitiveSally

Lot’s I am all ready 😫🤣🤦🏼‍♀️🤷‍♀️😭😅🤬🙄🙄🙄 #hereigo #nameschangedtoprotecttheinnocnet 😝

First up - what sparked up in Jan. 2019.... #hooolyshit #tobecontinued



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