Bergamot. Adding Citrus Oils into your Daily Heath Habits, A few of my Favorite Things...

Bergamot | Limonene - Daily Suggestions to follow here. Citrus Oils- one thing I suggest daily in your health routine. Citrus oil in, on body & diffused. Increase your alkalinity. Detox, digestion & specific mood aids depending on which you use Essential Oils neutralize our bodies. They get rid of what’s not natural

I’m at education today on Oahu, learning with Symphony of the Cells about our body systems. Reminders of basic health : water! Good foods. How we are made up, our body systems and specific oils & protocol applications

I’m also being reminded of the importance of a daily support of a base for our bodies. To revive, clean out, renew, first - Most ailments, disease, emotional- mental ailments. And just basic day to day. To help the oils really work In general (I see this often). People give oils or our supplements just days or a week, then quit. Funny, when the ailment or issues in emotional body has been there for years. Know : It can work really quickly. Yes! I see that weekly with myself & customers. It can take a few weeks to a couple months. To clean up, detox, reset, start new synergies, repair. Preventive care, daily support, giving our bodies of a detox/antioxidant/cell support : Alpha CRS. Omegas from plants or animals. Xeo Mega or VEo Mega Replenish, and vitamins & minerals, Rejuvenate with daily multi vitamins & minerals

These three make up our LLV or Vegan LLV. Sold together 1/2 off on monthly ordering. Other two simple adds I take daily. Limonene daily. Our citrus oils! Increase alkalinity - detox. Add to water, tea, ingest + diffuse . Terrazyme: digestive enzymes . Nerve stimulation, digestive aid, creates connective tissue - aid in producing collagen! Hello 40’s & up. This is a super power aid for big skin for very common skin ailments. Adding essential oils and now I’ll know these specific protocols in application, which take just minutes. I’m so excited to practice & play ! ⚡️Please hit me up to schedule a free application. We’ll encode which and I would administer 2-3 times over a month. Friends - beware. You’re gonna get rubbed with oils often now 🙏🏼🙋🏼‍♀️



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