Best Business Advice EVAH

Best Business Advice I’ve ever Received. Thank you @elenabrower ❤️ it’s now my walk as I talk 🌺 When I took @elenabrower @practice.youonline course using her gorgeous Practice You journal, about this time last year, I hit a bump early on. I anxiously messaged her personally. “I know I’m in a season of a big learning curve, but I can’t see how you do it ?! How do you juggle all your businesses, co parenting, social life and exude such presence?! ✨. Such peace. Such authenticity ! “ I was overwhelmed with where I wanted to be. I fully expected some kind of time management reminder, basic biz steps about customer support, follow up, or the like. Nope, this was her message back... it landed perfectly in my lap, deepening my healing as I carried forward .. 💡yes .. So a year later after these are now engrained into my walk, I share them with you .. .. I started just dancing around my home more. Alone and with my girls. Simple. Daily, regular dance breaks in the flow. That grew, and now I teach more, as it always inspires to move and connect to my body more .. .. I rooted down into my protection of all 3 of our sleep. I knew Healthy starts with good rest, but there’s always this pull to leave yourself to become more. No no no🙅🏽‍♀️ I’m no good pushing through. Ever. Evening routines ✔️ which I’ve shared here many times. And checking in through out Day with self. Of course the work, the mothering calls, so where can you then recover .. .. And last, that’s the hardest, as I age. I’d say surrounding yourself with those who only lift you. Who have walked similar valleys and who see the best you ✨ while you continue to do the work of growth, of self care, of meeting the moments as they come ❤️ Connecting daily✨always. We are not alone. Rest into support as you need, spiritually, physically .. All of these has brought me to many more miracles, insights, synchronized magical moments, more more women I adore to grow with .... .. ✨May you become only more of YOU✨ #refineandremembertoshine


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