Best Skin Oil

Super Support our Largest Organ SKIN! Add your Favorite Oils good for your skin & emotional well being! (while super supporting healthy cells).

One way is you can fill a pump container with your choice carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil, jojoba, avocado...), add essential oils to the scent of your liking. You can also just put your coconut oil into a small jar that you can get your fingers into easily, add your essential oils, stir up and it's ready to use every day.

Here are some great skin oil suggestions in this pic. Add 1 or a combo. Or use a dōTERRA blend like Serenity, Balance, or Peace, or my latest fav Anchor from our Yoga Set.

GREAT! On everyone in the evening, after baths/showers as a calming routine. (Parent trick!).


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