BOO! Upcycle Your Essential Oils (and keep that Peppermint and Digestzen handy)

Grab those empty doTERRA essential bottles and make the cutest little ghosts!


Cut square ish pieces out of any white or cream fabric hanging around. Or old Dish towels!

Place over the bottle.

Tie white string around the top.

Add two black eyes.

My young daughters love making these.

Also, cause #halloween Have any of these handy to help soothe tunnies filled with too much candy

peppermint essential oil

peppermint beadlets


tamer kids roller


roman chamomille

wild orange



To name a few. Use one drop at a time, add some carrier oil and rub over bellies. Reapply often, as need.

Such a powerful, QUICK relief.

Stay Safe! Have Fun! I still need to figure out what I am going to be... but I am pretty sure it involves boxing gloves. #bitmoreofafighterthenaloverthesedays


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