Bring your doTERRA to your Mani Pedi's

Bring your doTERRA to your Mani Pedi! Everyone around you will thank you too 😉

Along with the cleaning supplies we now bring for our Mai/Pedi’s, add these to your bag on the go and why

doTERRA lotion. All though this Citrus Bliss lotion was seasonal, we always have our unscented. Bring that and as they apply that to you hands or feet, simply add 2-3 drops of any essential oil for the benefits you want to add to your body and emotional aid

I added Grapefruit, for it’s added cleansing effects, refreshing scent, AND! It’s the oil of Body LOVE! Love your Body more

doTERRA Face Scrub. This is always in my bathroom for my 1-2 times a week facial cleansing using our scrub. Instead of their salon scrub, brings yours! I also added 2-3 drops of an essential oils for more added benefit, right there into the scrub on my legs to be massaged in. Choose YOUR favorites.

I added Wild Orange - the oil of Abundance. And it’s relaxing yet Fresh scent. Also more added cleansing for my skin, and feet too, or hands.

Finally ! Don’t forget to rub just a drop in your hands then brush inside your mask. My favorite has been Breathe this whole time. Helps me take nice deep breathes in my cotton mask from @ivyandcompany

doTERRA on the Go! Easy and all around clean non toxic support no matter where you go. And especially added luxurious feels.

We also have a Spa line! Head to your account, or and peek into the different other clean products you can bring along. As always

here to help!



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