Caraway Our New dōTERRA Single Oil. POM in August

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What Is Caraway Essential Oil Used For? Caraway oil is used for several things, but it is most commonly used internally for digestive support.* Take Caraway internally to access the gastrointestinal benefits of Caraway oil.* There are a few ways to take it internally. You can simply add it to a beverage or take it in a veggie capsule, but you can cook with it as well. Additionally, Caraway can help with weight management when taken internally.* In clinical studies, Caraway extract exhibited properties helpful to reducing appetite and managing weight when combined with exercise.* Limonene and carvone—two of the main essential oil constituents in Caraway essential oil—can also be soothing to the body when ingested.* In experimental research, ingestion of limonene was soothing to the colon and carvone showed soothing properties on the nervous system.*

What Does Caraway Smell Like? Caraway essential oil smells herbaceous and slightly woody. A drop or two of Caraway makes a great addition to oil blends as a warm yet fresh note.

Cooking with Caraway Oil The next time a recipe calls for caraway, try using Caraway essential oil instead. It is incredibly potent, so a little goes a long way, and you’ll also be accessing all of Caraway’s fabulous internal benefits. Start with a toothpick’s amount. You can always add more, but you can’t take any out! If after adding a toothpick’s amount you still want more flavor, you can add more with a toothpick or you can add one drop. Putting the drop into a spoon and stirring it will help you avoid accidentally adding extra drops straight into your dish.

I personally am really excited to try this beauty in our home. Another to add to the shelf I added for just my oils in my kitchen. Makes it so much easier to put to use when they are in the places you would use them. You can easily split them up, using empty bottles, or by purchasing any glassware in your back office or on line, to save money.

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