Community Through Spontaneity #throwyouregoaside

Day 2 of my Bday Week Raffle~ Cedarwood and Tangerine

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Community through Spontaneity.

Two things I adore, and thanks to these two, which by the way are DEVINE used or diffused together! My Daughters and I have a lot more of now.

There are now boxing gloves in my car and usually a board to two strapped onto my car.

Both took me throwing my EGO ASIDE and juuuuust jumping in! Who cares your age, ability, knowledge. If it pulls ... GO! And be ready for the abundant blessings it will bring far beyond what you even know today.

On boxing. Long story short, if you know Lila, you just know. She started following her own passions and started teaching the sport she adores. So partly I will just say, I adore her and her family and they are part of my girls and I community. Under the surface, I knew there was this pocket of anger, of rage of the ongoing frustrations that I just could not get to. I am a cryer. I can easily tap into sadness, tenderness, compassion. The other part, not as easy. Also, I am petite and wanna defend myself better, teach my girls the same. So, one day I just bravely went. And now, it's back to weekly in my life. I am meeting a whole NEW slice of this beautiful island, and it's people. After each class I feel like I shedded another layer. Processed out that ruffling of ____________ fill in the blank: frustration, rage, I wanna slap you, I hate that, WHY ???? haha. All the stuff gets stored up in our Liver mostly and guess what your liver loves? SWEATING! And guess what your heart LOVES! ALL THE WAY UP! ENERGY. It's part of my medicine bag of wellness. Boxing/Kickboxing.

On Surfing. Life long yearning to ride waves. Growing up in the Pacific on the other side. Trying so hard to get it down solid all through high school. Settled onto a boogie in my 30’s. Since moving here, I was just getting up and cruising when I became pregnant with Naila. And, ya know how that goes.... years just go by. But then, as my girls got older, Daysha excited to join her friends out there to. I again, this time, with shaky knees, but with a dear friend all ready out there with her daughters, just WENT ONCE. And now, we cruise, often as can, through our weeks. We mama's meet up once a week in the AM. There is NO ego. There IS a lot of laughs. AND, we are all getting better, but meanwhile it's UTTER JOY. Beaming out from our eye balls. Every sesh. I wrote this lengthy piece - my ode to surfing. I just can't never get enough of our ocean, the sounds, the taste, the smells, God showing off in all the sights all around. And, my girls and I play with our Ohana community ~ salty and sandy just life we love. And Daysha girl is about to pass me up quick! Paddling out, Riding waves, staying wet, is another part of my medicine bag.

Community with Daily Spontaneity. As Dance Teacher with @koloa . Every day with my business, Servicing my customers. Coaching Biz team. Gathering in masterminds with my fellow doTERRA Leader Ohana.

And, here on island with my dear girlfriends, in the juggle of motherhood and work. And with @lei gathers, with fellow Kauai creatives and entrepreneurs from all kind of spaces. I love the collective. I love brainstorming. I love together as we are always charging uniquely too. Hand out with each other through it all, honoring the differences with nothing but support. Taking Giant exciting Tigger like bouncy steps, griping fear with our hearts, carry forward. #wahahahhoooooo

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