Cooking With Essentials and Drinking With Essential Oils

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Here's a quick tip I just did yesterday, as Fall is finally creeping in here on Kauai.

Add just two drops of rosemary or thyme ..basil, marjoram, basil, black pepper your cooking oil you are going to use on your roasted veggies. Mix. Toss them in the mixture, add salt & pepper & fresh herbs if you have, but! especially if you do not, boom! You are covered with your oils to add bright fresh flavors. Roast em up! #howyagonnakickitgonnakickitrootdown

Ok, and here is where I do the happy dance at what else you are adding besides flavor in your kitchen. Let's take Rosemary, for example:

BRAIN fuel. Supports brain function, memory, focus and clarity. Added scalp/hair, skin aid, from this usage from the inside out, always also adding Cell Support. Immune boost. Emotional aid, as you also are cracking open those bottles and simply inhaling them as you use them. #ahhhhhh

Imagine all you can boost ?! In your baking, cooking and drinking.

Big Tip:

Start SMALL using oils in your baking, drinks or cooking. 1 little drop at a time.

For many specific recipes for more guidance,

I love referring to the for recipes


The official doterra pinterest page:

You will find TONS of great EASY ways to use your oils in the kitchen. Adding so much more bang for your buck, utilizing your oils in yet another way. So much boost for everyone's body, mind and spirit's adding such flavor!

Upcoming Oils in the Kitchen and #Cheers! Class open and free for all:

Online: Thursday Nov. 21 at 11 HST/ 1 PST

On Kauai at my hale: Saturday Nov. 23rd at 10 AM

Message me to grab link to join online or in person. It's so easy. Trust me, I am no great baker or cook, so this adds more saving time, money and energy with simple solutions.

Mangia! Mangia! #cheers

Bring and keep some oils IN your kitchen too.


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