Crafting UP your life. More on Healing

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

So yea, like I said on Part one... it's like taking a header. Holding yourself up over the kitchen sink to release the faucet, behind your eyes, as you are mid sentence response to your child about the snack your getting them. It's exhausting as you take that next step into further releasing that requires letting go even more. It's exhilarating as you connect with another, peering into each others eyes as if to say, yep, totally different pain and yet I get you right now 1000%. (relief).

It's all of that AND...

It's crafting up a life from your inside out. I was reminded over the last few days as I pulled myself out of the pits of despair #princessbride again, that I had awoken to. (always know your IN it or at the bottom of it when you awake to it... oiu vey)

Hey! Be easy about it. Yo! IN healing is IN process. PROCESS. There's really only one way through it and that's to love the F outta your self through it. Crafting up a new walk, a new way, a grieving of, a learning life with out, a loss, a change, a ..... it's like watching your kid learn to walk. Patience through the process. Cheering on each tiny move. Celebration of every attempt.

I think a lot of us ADD to this healing another layer or two or 5. I had added: shame, impatience, frustration, and this deep rooted head shaking saying, Nope, you didn't do it right. You are not getting it right.

Right? Wha? WTF is right or wrong in healing?

ON healing means IN process.

Means Crafting up.

Means co creating.

Means designing.

Means changing (sometimes a life time of habit, routine....or even just some years of it).

Means ...Can you start to even enjoy it?

Can you find even moments you can say..... I GET to do this?

I say keep following what lights you up. That's fuel for your healing.

I say keep kneeling down next to you at 5 or 15 or 25, look her/him straight in the eyes and smile with pride at them. "when you know better you do better" says the brilliant Maya Angelou. And each moment in your process in progress.

I think I am gonna call it crafting up now instead of healing. Let's craft up this new way to live from our glorious insides out. And with each other. And this magnificent earth we get to run our bare feet through.

Mucho Aloha~ D


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