This is How I (YOU) Stay Connected

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

How to use this FREE Printable I created for us.

This is How I Stay Connected to myself.

This is How I Shine

Reboot Refine Remember

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Here is how to use this, to best help you pause daily, perhaps every morning and evening, to stay connected to your heart and soul. To stay connected to your body. To stay connect to YOU. So YOU can SHINE for all that you are!

Maybe it's a reset, reboot. Maybe it's just remembering. Maybe it's refining, redefining a thought pattern, a daily habit, setting a New intension. All of the above!


Create some quiet time. Take at least a minute to close your eyes and take some deep breaths.

Or, do a 5 min meditation to clear and get present.

Pencil in just 1-3 things you will start to do

every morning, and every evening to help YOU stay connected to your heart and soul. Listen in for guidance. Stay present. Stay in flow. Keep energized. Process bumps easier. Feel better overall.

Some Suggestions for Morning:

Light a candle. do a 1-5 minute meditation. Apply Essential Oils for energy, immune system, over all health. Ex: On Guard, Frankincense, Peppermint!

Start diffuser with essential oils.

State a powerful Mantra! like "what is for me will never miss me" or "I am healthy wealthy and wise!"

Journal for 5 minutes.

Set my intension for the day.

Some Suggestions for Evening

Turn lights down lower by 7:30

Take a shower/Bath

Do a guided meditation with with the family

Do a few yoga stretches


Journal my gratitude for the day. List 3 things I am grateful for!

Apply essential oils for calming, sleep, rest

Sometimes we get to these things just once right in the middle of the day.

Erase and add as you go. Keep what is working Erase what is not.

Keep it simple.

Pausing like this has had a profound effect on my healing and growth. It feels like, as long as I do this, I will always be ok. Because I will never leave myself. I will always start and end with me and tapping in. And I will process through bumps much easier by also having these tools to learn into when ever I need.

I LOVE doing a longer Ritual like this around the Full and New Moons, after a BIG BIG bump in life, at the end of a month to start my new month or quarter.

YOU are co creating YOUR life! It's so exciting. By honoring your voice, your heart and listening for guidance, because we are never ever alone.

EnJOY and please let me know if your have questions and how this is working for you. I would LOVE to hear!

If you would like my Essentialshine Connection Kit which includes a candle, personalized essential oil + dried herb/crystal blend, a clear crystal, a palo santo stick, a heart soap stone and printed instructions, you will receive this as a brand new customer in August. Or contact me for purchase.


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