Crystal Clear Communication

Updated: Mar 3

Thursdays Raffle : Lavender AND Lemon

Lavender The Oil of Communication and Calm

Lemon: The Oil of Focus


There is nothing weaker feeling to me then loosing your voice. Hearing your self respond over and over, and even just seconds later, thinking, that is NOT what I wanted to say. That is NOT my truth. That is NOT what I want, or need. And WORSE, when you DO speak out and up, it was grazed over, denied, argued or just simply met with silence over and over. Sure our bodies shift and change physically, but realizing I had lost hearing my own truth with in my self. I had lost being heard or seen. There was reclaiming to do. And it all starts with in ourselves. Lavender still comes in and connects me to my heart, my often still small voice (or sometimes loud and carry on and on #mexicanitalian) It pulls out THE truth of who I am. What I am here to do. All lead in my beliefs. And helps me then vocalize my response with in my own body and out loud. Since I am a lifelong teacher, business coach, LOVER of CLEAR HONEST communication in all relationships, this is the deep down truth of why it is a huge tattoo on my arm and my #1 favorite oil.

May we be honest with in ourselves, and feel confident to express that to our people. May we only surround ourselves with those who honor our truths and peacefully walk far away from those that don't. All things calming, and communication with every body system. *Value 23. Wholesale/30.67Retail


Adds Crystal clear clarity and Focus. Hard to sift it all out most days. We all juggle it all. I add lemon with other oils rotating (eucalyptus, douglas fir, citrus bliss, cedarwood... ) To help my brain stay clear, in the KNOWING and where to say yes, while also, all the No's I am gonna need to say too, no thank you, my hands are full, or I am on my way over here, or so sorry but I just can not, so I can stay focused. Not not selfish. It's me and my girls health first and always. I hope you do the same with you and yours. I also add it to my water daily or tea, to boost my health from the inside out. Also best cleaner evah! for the home. stop the #squirrel! *Value 12 Wholesale/16. Retail

In celebration of my Bday this Friday, I am raffling off TWO oils EVERYDAY! These will celebrate the life, lessons and growth our plants, YOU, my girls, and God, brought me through at 45. I’d love for these oils to bless your life too, perhaps for ways I share and hopefully so much more. Starting Tuesday, A New Raffle Every Day

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