DIY Suncreen

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

There is nothing better then a homemade DIY Sunscreen for you and your kids and babes. It's super nourishing, it's reef safe, and you just saved your precious time and money making it using just a few ingredients you can grab on Amazon, or at your local health - natural grocery store, and with your dōTERRA account.

This recipe will give you about a 20-25 SPF coverage. And GOOD for your skin and health. You can add dried herbs too, as pictured, so pretty! when you are making gifts. Or just keep it simple as recipe lists.

With your guidance, this is another GREAT project to do with your kids or make for gifts. I love keeping a stock of containers in my home for times like this. You will make a decent size batch depending on what size containers you use.

I generally use 2-4 oz tins, or little glass jars. And just keep refilling them, or give them away.

These recipes call for Helichrysum essential oil. Oh what a powerhouse oil. Truly. It is on the higher price point, but, notice you just need 12 Drops! There are about 80 in our 5 ml. Bottles.

Other uses for this magical flower oil:

Pain relief, stop bleeding!, deep dark feeling rerouting/soothing. Anti-aging, stretch marks, scar healing. ( I used this bad boy over my belly for two pregnancies to prevent then heal minor stretch marks), shock/nerve damage... just to name a few. It is certainly worth cashing in your points from your monthly ordering accruement, OR purchasing to have in your First Aid kit, naturally.

Other oils, from your Top 10 Oils and or oils of your choice added too.


Natural Homemade Sunscreen

Recipe adapted from Living Magazine, Spring 2013

½ c. Olive Oil

¼ c. Frac. Coconut Oil

¼ c. beeswax

2 TBSP non-Nano Zinc Oxide

1 tsp. Vitamin E

12 drops helichrysum EO

+ Additional Essential oils desired (no Citrus)

2 TBSP. Shea Butter

1. Add all ingredients BUT Zinc and Helichrysum…to a double boiler.

2. Melt down and stir as needed to incorporate. As soon as everything is melted take bowl off the heat and set aside.

3. Add the non-nano Zinc immediately and stir constantly to incorporate as mixture cools.

4. After a minute of stirring, add helichrysum essential oil and additional essential oils desired

(NO Citrus oils!! Remember they only heighten the sun's ray damage)

Suggested Adds: Lavender, Melaleuca, Frankincense, Myrrh, Immortelle Blend.

Pour mixture into containers before it cools and sets.


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