Fall into more of your you

I’m not sure who this women is these days, but, damm, I’m loving her

She is still sometimes riddled with anxiety, sweats small stuff, over thinks plenty, but, she has remembered after much refining, her most authentic self, and it feel glorious

This was me last night, trying capture a selfie, (as always, laughing that I was trying to grab a selfie), heading out, again, second time, this week. Lots of #yolo vibes this season. Way more pleasure, Joy! & doing what feels best, surrounded by the most amazing girlfriends, while stepping up and IN with my business and work, and the best mom I have ever been with my girls, and self

After a few years in this energetic recovery and healing, often NOT out and instead home, protecting and resting, the energy has returned to do more. To say yes more! Crystal clear! While certainly also saying a lot more No’s too. Clarity and wisdom does come from bumps and age. And knowing yourself unleashes loving, unapologetic, No Thank you’s a lot more often. So I can keep saying more Hell Yes’s!

This Fall seems to also have brought plenty of hurdles too. Unexpected life kine things, really just a lot of #adulting, no big, but, all at once, that spiraled me out for a bit. But this heart and soul of mine, in those dark moments now know’s how to ask for help. Ask for prayer. And sit in the uncomfortable, because it’s familiar. Darkness and molding are not easy. And the growing pains I am in, feel oddly cozy too

And, last week I remembered my own perfect relationship with God. I hid that because I cannot fit my “beliefs” or what “religion” I am into a title or kind of church. And I finally just don’t care. I am no longer comparing how I pray, and what I know to be true in my heart between me and God, with others beliefs. I cannot deny that through all this life, I’ve been on my knees and fueled with God’s Grace and Guidance every second. I don’t need to measure my faith by someone else’s. Or make it look like how others practice. I stand tall in how I am led. And KNOW with no waver of doubt anymore my spiritual practice and devotion. It Includes a passė of spiritual support, nature- these gifts, and incredible humans in my life. I am oh so grateful every single day. We are never ever alone. Ever

La Vida! As my 100% Italian Grandpa in his thick accent would say, “Life! It’s a tricky thing, you gotta keep it going!” Amen Gpa Tony. Amen. And I am so grateful for it ALL. And all the ways we are brought through dark and light so we Shine for exactly who we each are. #thinkingofamasterplan #Bigger #supahsoulsunday


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