First Camping Solo (ish) with my Girls

Updated: Jul 23

For four year I have dreamed of this. I knew what it would take, having camped regularly when I was married to their dad. I also needed supplies, and for some reason getting to purchasing the camp gear, and bikes took me forever. Actually the girls still need bikes at my house. What can I say rebuilding your own home post divorce just takes plenty of time and money. But I now have all the camp gear in addition to their home sweet home with mama.

Camping was truly was epic, and I am still tired.

The only place I knew I wanted to take them was Polihale. It's the very last West place you can be on Kauai. It's end it the start of The Napali Coast. It's magical. It's gorgeous. It's another piece of heaven here. It's certainly one of my favorites to go to for just a half day or sunset. The road to get there had been closed. When they reopened it, I jumped on getting a camp permit to go. It's a new world in 2020 here, and getting camp permits and not trespassing is now necessary. That will be another blog post soon. (🙄😬). I invited all our friends to see who wanted to jump in on this adventure. Gathered my 4 Runner up. Got excited to drive on the sand for only the second time in my dream car/truck.

Side note: What do I call my car or can I keep calling her a truck, cause that feels much more bad ass. Clearly she needs a name. She's almost a year now, and purchasing her was another giant step in this single mama world.

Another huge blessing was, their dad came out to camp too. So, this was the first long stretch of time he and I were around each other together. I felt proud we found our dance around co parenting our there together. (HUGE!) Among a group of mutual friends. For the girls first and for each other too.

I'll let the pics speak for themselves. I am seriously still a bit worn. Unpacking from camping has got to be the most ish. But always ALWAYS worth it.


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