Gift Giving Ideas Made EASY, Naturally and Affordable.

Hey my customers!

Head over to the members tab and click on Essential Shine Customers. Head over to the Video Library from there. (there is a password, if you forgot it: message me :) If you would like to become one of my customers message me through this site. One of the many perks is my out pouring of consistent support to help you use your essential oils and doTERRA wholesale account. #lovewhatyoudodowhatyoulove

You will find my video on gift giving MADE EASY! My absolute fav's that doTERRA makes, from oils to products. From stocking stuffers to mid range price points. Then I walk you through how to make 4 of my favorite DIY EASY personalized gifts. And where to find all the supplies to make them, using your essential oils.

You can get Holiday Gifts done from your jammies in an afternoon.

Two of my favorites:

because 100 % of the money from these items goes to benefit so much more : Rose Lotion: all proceeds go to our Healing Hands which disperses money, aid, time & energy to a number of organizations helping globally as well as to the communities, the growers & surrounding areas with basic needs where we source our oils. Hope Blend: All proceeds go to Operatoin Undergroud Railroad to help STOP sex trafficing World Wide!

You can read more about Healing Hands and our generous support pouring out all year world wide here:

Let's Keep the Holidaze Peaceful, Easy, and help share our love of health and happiness ... naturally.



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