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Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Green cleaning so easy, so simple, so much time and money saved, all while boosting out health.

Using our oils you can make your own DIY in just seconds, and it only requires a few additional house hold items.

You could purchase our cleaning products, all infused with our On Guard essential oil blend and making the refill into your glass containers even quicker. Yes, quicker.

Good for our earth. I have used the SAME glass spray bottle, going on .... seven years now. SEVAN YEARS OF NOT buying ANOTHER new container at the store. I have had to replace the spray tops every so often. I'd say about once every couple years. Talk about saving our planet. You can feel so good about the less you are adding to our energy having to recycle or worse dump into land fills.

Non Toxic environment. My oldest daughter has been able to touch and help me clean since she was two. I was able to inhale any of these fumes when I was pregnant or cleaning with a newborn in the front back. These scents are actually HELPFUL. Inhaling our essential oils is so good for our body mind and spirits. They detox the body, the home and the air, while cleaning up.

Here are some of my fav! DIY recipes. As well as the simplicity of using our On Guard Cleaner Concentrate.

Following that are a couple of my green cleaning how to video's for more access.

The BEST Window/Mirror Cleaner

(adjust recipe to fit the size spray bottle you have. this is for an 8 Oz. bottle)

In order :


About 20 drops of Lemon essential oil

1/8 cup Vinegar

Top off with clean water

Give a little shake before you spray

All Purpose Spray ( Two ways)

Recipe One - using your oils

(adjust recipe to fit the size spray bottle you have. this is for an 8 Oz. bottle)

Add about 25 drops essential oil of choice. Great strong germ and virus fighters are:

On Guard, Tea Tree/Melaleuca, Oregano, Peppermint, Any Citrus

Add in 1/8 cup Vinegar

Add 1 Teaspoon Borax

Top off with clean water

Give a shake and spray away!

Recipe Two- using On Guard Cleaner Concentrate

(adjust recipe to fit the size spray bottle you have. this is for an 8 Oz. bottle, see the side of the On Guard Cleaner Concentrate for more recipes and directions)

Add in about 3/4 TBSP On Guard Cleaner Concentrate

Top off with water

Green Cleaning Video's

A 1 minute Quick Tips:

A Full Class, including tons of ideas and recipes.

To your home being supportive to everyone's health and wellness in it. To YOU saving your precious time and money.

Reach out if you would like to get started shifting your home into a greener environment. These oils you will use to clean will also serve your health and wellness. They are in our Top 10 Oils and cover it all! I also include the tools to help you make your cleaners for all my new oil ohana~ customers. These beautiful water proof labels as well as recipes and one on one assistance and on going education and aid.

Happy Cleaning! (But seriously... the scents will boost your mood!)


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