How to BE here, NOW.

These two together give us a slap back to right now. Anyone ambitious ? Parenting ? Yea...and anyone let those things take over? And run our life. It’s called burnt city. Apply 1-2 drops each over heart & back of neck. Or make a roller ball to help you take deeper breaths...more often. Or diffuse.

Frankincense : Does it all. Powerhouse. Covers all systems. Super charges other oils it’s used with. I mean, if it was good enough for baby Jesus? Super Cell Support. Wild Orange: this magical citrus uplifts AND soothes. Most citrus we go to for high vibe, total energy uplifting ...but, Both bergamot & this beauty provides assuring, calming, equals out the playing field type energy too. It’s a lot of people FAV FAV! With its crisp, refreshing aroma. Great to clean with, degreaser power.


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