How to Make Connection Places in your Home and On the Go

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

If you have been following me in the last year, then you see my repeat light on pausing. It has helped me anchor in presence, ease anxiety, revel in my beautiful life just as it is today, while still visioning and creating the dreams and desires of my heart.

It can be 10 seconds, it can be an hour meditation. The health benefits of adding the daily habit of pausing has been life changing for me.

I learned it a few ways. First by finally adding meditation into my daily life. Even just a minute, or while walking, or just daydreaming. It's all a meditation when you can get your brain to chill out and stop thinking. Just kinda zone out. Focus on your breath. Feel the earth beneath your feet.

I love guided meditations. I love the sound of nature. I'll do a post soon on all my favorites up to date. There are so many out there, free, easy to close your eyes, and just let your mind relax as you follow the teachers guidance.

The other really pivotal step I took was creating connection points all around my home. In my car, in my yard. Even in my pocket or hand. Having these all around, help us pause. Help us connect, reminding us of our heart, soul, spirit, someone special in our lives, angels, guides, our earth, elements. It can be what ever you want. It can be so simple. It can be a full on Alter with a specific theme.

I was lead this way though receiving Aruvedic care last winter. The pause, guided by Angela, of Wildflower Ayurveda on the central coast of California, was one of my biggest take aways of applying all I learned with her. I highly suggest you learn your Dosha make up and receive a few sessions to add to your tool bag of natural solutions for your health and well being, ongoing. Perhaps I will go on about all I learned using and practicing Ayurveda in my life. So powerful. But back to these connection places ~

Creating your own Connection Places in your Home and On the Go

Here are my suggestions

1. Collect things around your home that have meaning. What pulls at you? Maybe it's a rock your kid gave you? A card from your grandma? Your favorite color right now. A little nick nack from a yard sale. Try NOT to over think it. Just what feels good.

2. Add in some kind of element, if you don't have it there all ready. A feather. A crystal. A rock. A candle. A piece of metal. A shell. A little vase. A flower. An essential oil or oil blend. Anything.

To represent life. One of the elements: Air, Ethos, Fire, Water, Earth.

3. Place these things together. You can place on a desk top, book shelf, by the front door, on a dresser, on your car dash board. A little pouch in your purse, or bag. Place them on a hankie, the bottom of a flower pot, a bowl, a plate. Or just on their own gathered together. Remember it's not how much. It can be two things total. It can cover the entire top of your dresser.

4. Ramp it up by having an oil or mantra with it. An oil blend, roller or misting spray. To help you actually really stop and when you feel pulled, apply it when you are near it. You could also add a current mantra you are working with, as simple as on a post it near it. Do a little sketch or painting of the quote you might do. Or just scribble in on scratch paper.

5. Again, it's not about how much, or how pretty. It's all about intension. I have one on my desk that represents a business goal, adding 4 element. When I am at my desk every day, I light my candle and look at my little alter. On my car dashboard, I have a couple shells my daughters found me, and a couple crystals. Also the latest triangles (the sign I often see after prayer, that I know is a wink I am on track). Every little Connection Space I have help remind me where I am going. Where I am in the present moment.

6. If you have the time. Pause when you pass them. offer your cells a big deep breath. Maybe there's one you set up, an actual alter where you meditate. Perhaps you create a new one around the new moon. At the beginning of your cycle, ladies. At the start of a new quarter for business or new year, or month... or week! Sometimes I place a couple small objects in my pocket for the reminder or protection.

The possibilities are endless!

Most of all have fun! It's so playful to have these places for my daughters to put our treasures we find at the beach or on walks. It's also quite powerful I have found the more specific intension I put into one, the results I see. Go with your gut, get creative. Keep it simple. Add, rearrange, dismantle as you want to help cater to your life.

To you and yours grounding into our present moments with fierce faith in where we are going. May your connection points serve your lives, inside and out


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