I got dunked

I was surfing last Fall. It had been months of finally being back in the water, with friends every week, after years away. It was there all the conversations started to deepen. Our friendships grew and grew and this deepening of sisterhood I witnessed flourished. Perfectly. Divinely

I looked up and out and knew… I said to Shannon ~ Hey! I want to get Baptized. And that felt right

My 40’s have been alllll about clarity. These deep deep valleys I’ve been brought through. At the top of each one, I realize more clearly WHO I am. This latest was about me and God. Why would I stay so vague in this relationship? Why would I pull away from this whisper that keep calling? Mostly, honestly I was afraid

The world Church, Christian, Religion, sometimes even the Bible still trigger me. I am still softening and rerouting my own faith to this intimate relationship with God

I am still lessening the decades of my own judgment I made about what I viewed as shitty examples of ALLLLL of the above over my life. I had let those human examples I judged so harshly, get in the way of this glorious new clarity. HUMAN’s .. we are ALLLL human.

So, last Sunday, by a dear friend, surrounded by more dear friends who had each played a part to remind me… yea…. Just as you are…. Still a bit of a rebel heart. Still always questioning EVERYTHING. I see a fun, humorous, God that knows ME so intimately. I see God everywhere, in miracles, synchronicity, signs, through people. It’s this AWESOME ride. And…I feel God, at my lowest bottoms, curled up in disappear …. I am never alone, I am held #grace 😭 He Has me. Guides me. Finally, I am HUMAN, and that he even knows. Gonna stumble - trip, fall, many times.... it’s called life. And that’s what the cross is alllll about #forgiveness

In this world. In this season. As a single Mama, who wants to keep building a beautiful life for her girls with goooooood people around us. And hope to help serve our world, always, especially now with love and light. I was stoked to refresh, reboot, say clearly…. This is my fuel. How I charge up. And my source to plug into. Just for me and the girls. How blessed are we, this abundant LOVE available for all, no matter where you are at, at any moment. #grateful #humbled #relieved #knowing #bestillandknow #pageturn


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