I took down my vision board

Today I took down my vision board.

It actually became a vision wall. I used washi tape and added so many things.

A couple recent mini vision boards I had made in vision board workshops this year. Pictures of me, me with my girls. A painting I did with the word Bloom, which it what I called in to focus on all year, for more healing, growth and healthy living.

I started adding the visions I see when I meditate and visualize on the things I am creating, praying for in my life. A section for the love I am calling in.

I added images that made me feel good. I added financial goals. I added bits of specifics I am working toward for Essentialshine. the bigger picture of where I am going, what I will create. Oils and doTERRA goals. Lot's on that. My oil ohana. My oil business ohana. This island and our community. Dancing..... the ocean....

It felt good.

And then it didn't.

I took it all down and decided to put it all into a vision basket, next to my desk. I can easily see it, pick anything out of their, shuffle through it. When I want to. Or not.

And now, I have a beautiful blank pale yellow wall. And it makes me smile and feel good.

In the morning, as I sit at my desk I see the beams of sunshine across it. Right now, it's cloudy, so it's a bit darker.

It feels like endless possibility. It feels open. it feels spacious. It feels like I am leaving room for all the magic and grace, that I cannot see or feel or touch or even know yet. It feels better. #leaverooom

I feel peace and relief. I feel more anchored into RIGHT now. I feel more confidant in me. Trusting how I am navigating this day, this week, this month. I know. I KNOW what I want, what I see, and feel and am creating. And right now, in this moment, I have just two more hours to get a bit more work done, then eat, shower and pick up my girls. And I am so excited to BE with them. Right now.

My wall started to create a lack of peace. It kept stealing me from today. It kept whispering, pssssst, it's not here yet. It was so powerful and wonderful and beautiful. And it serves me much better in a basket. I have my lap top, a planner, clipboards for the different areas of my life I work on. A journal, both on my lap top and paper and pen. Playlists everywhere. Many books. My oils. My sage. My earth, and air, and fire and water and ethos. I added this vision wall, to help me remember, take note, stay focused. But, most of all, I have me.

My point. Do what feels good. NOW.

I didn't take it down for a couple weeks, only out of comparison with others. No one takes DOWN a vision board. What? Are you scared? Are you lacking in some way that you cannot handle seeing this? How is it I can see so much, but it's not here yet? Where is it? How do I get there better, faster?

I feel free. And I love myself. And this is what feels best. Today.


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