It's Fasting Time, with my own Time and Energy

Updated: Jul 21

What a relief.

This pull that has called for weeks, months even, I am finally submitting and DOING.

My first steps when me or my girls hit a bump is always slow down. Slow down and let's take notice. Often it just takes a minute, a talk, a hug, a journal sesh, and we are onward.

These things I am wanting clearer direction on need more then a minute. And they need better focus. And I want clearer knowing, passion and co piloting 😉

Today is Day 1.

For the next three weeks I am taking some of my time and energy during the week and instead of my habitual work and life routines I would do that day, I am going to be in prayer, in nature, writing, in meditation, creating, meditation and studying.

I have specific things I am praying on. One for sure to do with work. How to keep nourishing you all~ keep what is working, and I just know there are more ways, different ways. I can feel them, I see some of them, but I need more direction how.

Also how to grow this business. Again, keep what's working, but again, I know there are new ways, I feel them, but I need a minute to sit with some details and hear how.

The other things are personal. Perhaps I will share as I go here. Places I feel like I am hitting walls by my own doing. I know there's more healing along with brand new ways in these places.

I am so excited! And scared. And giddy and knowing ~ yes! Girl YES!

In order to make that time I needed to lay down a few things I knew where starting to feel like a crutch, a numbing, uninspiring and not producing the results I wanted either.

Social media is one of them. I adore the way I can easily connect and nurture and grow my business there. I've been using it since 2012. And, I have never taken a break much more then a day or two. I love it so much usually. I know I will delight in it again. But I just need a break. There are a few other things I am putting down too. And I am making much room to adjust this whole process as it goes. Gotta always leave room.

On this day I saged my home and self. And this is the blend and oils I am using and diffusing, from the incredible Desiree Mangandog's book "I Am Fabulous"

These are great for clearing and boundaries. Clarity and better knowing.

Here's to your breaks. Your Slow. Your courage to pause. to pull your life back into your own hands, instead of societies, your jobs, your relationships. And take the time to reevaluate. To reassess. To replace what's no longer with what could. To fuel it back up with Spirit, and the only light that only YOU have.

Aloha 🌺Lala


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