Just Leap!


How I build Essentialshine: Mostly with my girls right by (on ON), my side

Post teaching a class, online, with my sidekick . 2014 . This is how I build my business, with my kids, in my home, from afar, and locally, with my communities. Real life. I think we all too often wait until it feels perfect, together, organized, prepared

Yes yes! To some of that. But most of my success has been by jumping in, very humanly, following that pull, that excitement, that dream, that vision, that .... and the beauty of it all unfolding like a piece of art, bit by bit. Sure bumps|much growth!! along the way. Real LIFE! But, also, so many miracles, wonder, grace, service, that I could have NEVER EVER planned or prepared for BECAUSE I took one little leap at a time

What’s pulling at you ? What whispers in your ear ? Here’s me cheering you on to leap!

Little Naila is now almost 6! And she could probably teach an oil class too! She certainly whips up her own blends that I end up using too.


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