Keep it Simple

I love when my customers text me pics of their blends! I know how proud they are as I also remember feeling so very proud as I was learning how to make my first roller bottles, mists, sprays, bath salts...

Just the reminder today, to NOT stress instead, to please, keep it so so simple. Easy Peasy! You really cannot go wrong. Here are the only rules to really stick to when whipping up your blends and a few added tips:

Topical Usage:

1. Be sure to Dilute the oils that are warm - hot on the skin when adding them to a blend or applying out of the bottle.

There is a skin guide for every oil, in the kits, on the website, in our product guides. The good news is you won't forget either. Once you KNOW Oregano is HOT, you won't forget. Trust me.. haha!

2. Be sure to also Dilute the oils that are cooling on the skin, especially on our littles. It's not too much more then feeling cold, or tingly, but I know though I love it on ME, my 9 year old does NOT.

3. Start with less, you can always add more. Also, you really cannot do too much on the flip side.

Stick to 1-3 drops as a dose for the average teen - adult, out of the bottle, or ingested. Do less with kids.

The oils digest through our bodies on average in about 20-30 minutes, so frequent application, ingestion is safe.

4. ONLY ingest oils that have the supplement facts on the doTERRA bottle.

5. EVERY oil can be used Aromatically ~ yea!

Few tips :

When blending, if you are not sure how they will smell together, take the oil, oils blend that you wanna blend together, take of the tops and huddle them together. Run you nose across the top of them all. There! That's roughly what those will smell like together.

It's like cooking not baking. I throw in drops into the diffuser, my roller bottles, and sprays. I never count drops. I eye ball it, like my mama eye balls how she whips up her red sauce.

Have FUN! Seriously! How FUN is this. Get the kids involved. Stock up on your glass ware and have FUN! Looking up the chemical break down of each oil, why it does what it does. Looking up ailments and recipes and then LITERALLY MAKING WHAT YOU NEED RIGHT THEN. It still blows my mind. We are modern day medicine men/ women. Supporting our bodies , home needs, pets and more.... with plants, naturally.


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