Keep Your Inner Punk Alive

Updated: Nov 28, 2017

When you follow your heart, you often leave traditional wisdom. Rules. The way things are "supposed to go". The way society has systems or procedures about schooling, marriage, holidays, work... you name it. I know what I type because it's been most my life. Once I graduated high school I w

ent off to follow my heart.

I've been doing that since... mostly... but there are plenty of times that also causes a lot of fear, and darkness. A lot of anxious feelings and worry. And often it's another process of healing, refining, remembering, and BE coming more of me.

To work through a lot of that I turn to my oils always. Peppermint IS the oil of the buoyant heart. It supports optimism, relief, strength to face pain. It gives energy and yet also cools and soothes. I simply diffuse it, or add it to a roller ball with some fractionated coconut oil and another oil to two to three for a Punk Rock, heart centered Support for self.

Rock ON with your bad self. Carry on Wayne, Carry On Garth.

Other Everyday uses for Peppermint:

Cool a body system down. Aid to ease fevers. After too much sun. Digestive love! (I pop our peppermint beadles daily after my coffee :P), and energy booster.

Don't forget to dilute this one when applying topically. It's cooling on the skin.


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