Kickin Virus and Bacteria to Da Curb

Updated: Nov 28, 2017

These power houses are two of the oils that provide the most anti viral & anti bacterial properties. Add about 10-20 drops of each in a 10 ml roller ball and top off with fractionated coconut oil. Apply bottom of feet daily during Fall/Winter months, during travel, when around illness....Or when someone in your home gets ill. I roll these down my girls spine and on bottom of their feet at least every night during the school year. I’ll diffuse one or the other during the week. This is just part of our routine with other oils for mood, any other ailment that comes up. Easy ! Takes 10 seconds. Create a routine. They can even do by their selves at ages 3 and 7.

When ill these will help your body get well well quicker and then you can use other oils for specific symptoms. For example Breathe blend can be used for respiratory support. You can add more oils too if like : Others with that power are arborvitae, melaleuca, melissa, frankincense, lemon.


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