Let's Talk Supplies

Let’s Talk Oil Supplies. Here are the basics you will need to help you best use your essential oils.

Glassware: Roller Bottles & Spray Bottles. My fav go to Supply Stores online: aromatools.com shareoils.com

Great to have 10 ml Roller Bottles & 2 oz Spray Bottles for health and mood support at home and on the go, and 8 oz Spray Bottles for your cleaners at home, to give you a start. I Love shareoil labels too! And recipe booklet. You can also! Upcycle spray bottles, purchasing just the tops & using your oils bottles, bubbly water bottles.

Carrier oil: Fractionated Coconut Oil is best because it will not harden under 70 degrees & has no scent. A non scented lotion works as a carrier too, as well as any cream, lotion or oil that is good for your skin. Why? A lot of oils need to be diluted for our Little’s and sometimes self. To help apply over larger areas of skin. Also to make your roller bottles.

Empty gel caps: for internal use. Only with the dōTERRA oils that can be used internally. Easy: just pull apart the empty gel cap, add your oil or oil combo you have learned to best support your need, and take. Refer to your guide books for usage.

More on my favorite books and reference materials. I'll gather those up for another post.

And, as my customers know. These kinds of starter items I give you when you get started with me with doTERRA. Along with a reference book. I love getting you started with the basics you need. As well as on going support for your journey using doTERRA.

Happy oiling! The ideas, usage and learning is endless.


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