Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Help yourself stay on the good vibe train!

I gained another deepening of understanding down to my gut this weekend.

Years of rerouting anxiety, with success, turning the worry, fear and what if's into listening, following, trusting, FAITH! visioning all while staying present.

Prayer, meditation, support all around, getting into nature, following those whims, seeing synchronicities, and my life unfold so beautifully. It's incredible. It's chills, tears, #allthefeels yahssssss!!! Life. NOW.

It took, it still takes daily practice. Showing up, to breathe. Pausing often to check in. Using my oils, diffusing, applying, taking. BEing with what comes up. It's still pockets of healing all the time. It's certainly not easy. But it IS a choice. And it's a constant new choice, as old habits always creep in. Sometimes take over for a bit, until you realize and like correcting your child with love, a kind shift back to flow.

I chatted with a few girlfriends this weekend, about how to stay peaceful in THIS moment, when you have big changes you want in your life. I felt I was either still over annualizing and sitting it what WAS that worried me, stressed me, upset me. OR I have these huge beautiful visions, that flood my silent moments so clearly, but not having them tangible in my life yet, causing anxiety, impatience, or frustration.

I know now...It's a radical acceptance. It's the most amazing surrender. While following what lights you up as the breadcrumbs and results of steps toward your dream life. The knowing that if we are activity putting in the practice of prayer, pausing, listening, staying observant of our choices, then this moment is perfect! It IS our answered prayer. Devine timing~ God's timing over ours. So revel and rejoice and keep DO MORE of what lights you up, NOW!

yes.... #yolo

I hope this makes sense, as I am just grasping it deeper. I love following the works of Dr. Joe Dispenza. Of Dr. Wayne Dyer. Of Ester Hicks. Of Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith. I am loving Meggan Watterson. Of Louise L Hay. Of God. Of my heart. Of goddesses, angels, guides and our surrounding nature. Of the intelligence of plant energy and health benefits. So many more.... but for now, if you enjoy these kinda thoughts and life, you will love them.

We must stay thinking, talking, and feeling IN the direction where our best health and wellness are. Otherwise we are stuck in past life. Or just plain unnecessarily worrying about how something will turn out because we are lacking connection with in ourselves, with spirit and lacking faith.

All flower oils will help you Bloom. These two especially. Keep you in Love and Intimacy for your body, mind and soul, with spirit and with our people. Rose and Jasmine.

Cinnamon is YOU on fire. Will help you follow the truth of what lights you up. Ginger is basically a firm hand guiding you right to your best live, never ever letting go, or stopping.

You ready?

Dive in. Follow those pulls while rejoicing in NOW. Share that light and love with others.


Declare, "I will do more of what lights my soul on fire!"

This Card is from a deck of cards (so cute right?) from eoandsuch.com.


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