Making Roller Ball blends for You and Yours

Making Blends to cater to you and yours

Have a physical or emotion need? Ha .. don’t we all… errrreday. Make a blend!

Here’s some guidance on making your Rollerballs, my fav!

Refer to your resources: is FULL for each oil, blends, body system, ailments, recipes and more.

Your books! All my customers are given a big reference book. Open in up and dive on it, look up the ailment, oil, oils blends or product, gather ideas, what will serve

Your emotions book. I highly suggest this book since all our illness is linked up to our thoughts and feels. I love their app! Or you can purchase their book. Covers Every doTERRA oil and blend. SO SO good. Just search “Essential Emotions” in your App Store

Glass Roller Balls ( or glass sprays/mist bottles) I love and Also from under Supplies

Fractionated coconut oil.

Also can order with your doTERRA order, or use any other great for skin oil

This Blend:

Calming~ Soothing

10 drops Copaiba

10 Drops Lavender

15 Drops Black Spruce

10 Drops Roman Chamomille

Top off with Fractionated Coconut oil

Roman Chamomile Still 20% just this month, in October!

This blend great for kids, and adult.

Dilution Guide: (for the essential oils, then top off with fractionated coconut oil to fill the rest of the bottle)

For a 10 ML Roller Ball:

New born- about a Year

10 -15 drops Essential oil or Oils

Age 2 - Teens:

25-45 Drops Essential Oil or Oils


25 and Up

General Guide: Start with one oil diluted on the person. All good? Great, you can use, diluted wither from the bottle or in blends.

Babes and Kids: 1 drop at a time diluted can be a dose. Repeat often.

Kids and up: 1-3 drop one dose. Can repeat often.

Tip: Our bodies gobble up these oils with in about 20-30 minutes. So you can see why if needed, using often can be very effective. Start small, start slow, go from there.

My kids and I can use all the oils all day. Ha! But I started very slow as babies - newborns and went from there.

Go with your nose and what you have on hand! One oil does dozens of things! One ailment is aided with dozens of different plants. MANY MANY OPTIONS! Start with what you have or want to order + what you like to smell too!

Have fun!!! Gather people. Include the kids. They love it! These are powerful and potent. Doesn’t take much and making blends helps you make your oils last over time too.




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