New Beginnings...again.

Ridiculously excited to be RIGHT HERE. Typing on my brand new blog on my brand new site. THIS, my friends, was my first request. Can I be able to blog/blab/vlog??? 

So an incredible new site by my new friend Kim who is Ah ma ZING at so much more then just web design when she is working with you. And my yearning for months.... years ... to have all my "stuff" ... all I do to nurture, to invite, to share, to express, about my life and doTERRA in one friggin place! Hallelujah ! I've been dancing every week as we got closer and closer. 

BUT here is where I will be most. I am certain. A closet writer, an open hearted newish co parenting mama, that has plenty to say now that many of the divorce wounds have started to scab over. And a self growth, spiritual junkie that has her blue tooth ear bud listening to inspiration errrre day... all day. It's been a ride these last few years... lot's to say my friends... and all ready a life that I know I really could hardly say "what if?" Cause I DID that. I did a lot of those "what if's" Which has given me, well, me. I'll close every post, if it's not a tip or recipe or usage idea with oils... cause duh, they ARE my life too. 

So... Oils to help support YOU BE-ING YOU. I am sure lots more on this topic.

For today:  Anchor Blend from our Yoga Set. OH my word... deeeelish. I blew through this bottle the first month I got it. It has this Mexican Chocolate scent to me which takes me right into my Abuelita's arms, Lita (lots more on her too). Anchor will help YOU center into YOU. Exactly as YOU are. 


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