New Month New Moon New Quarter: Set Your New Intensions!

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

I have had this eraser with me since I was 30. It was given to me by a dear friend of my sisters, who quickly passed through my life, but left a clear message I was all ready witnessing in many around me. In that year, I really started to understand and get more comfortable with creating change. I had all ready been a risk taker, dream catcher, artist, and entrepreneur, but, none of that felt comfortable. I had ran hard and charged in each field, mostly together at one time, but it still never settled in my soul. It felt like sand paper, scary. Out of my comfort zone. Pleasurable and exciting and lot's of success and learning over and over.... but after 12 years of it, I needed to reboot, and reroute.

At 30, I left a business I created, a long term relationship that had been breaking apart and recharged my life, new. On my sisters couch. With about 140. dollar's in my bank account.

Since then there have been many, many, many changes in my life. And this eraser is always out on my desk, or in view. I feel at home with change, with throwing darts to see what sticks, with new new new. A lot of my girlfriends are those who never blinked at quitting a job that didn't feel right, or moved back and forth across the country as need for work, for pleasure, following whims. My dearest friends are artists, trailblazers, leap and then the net will appear kinda women. And, I can say now, 15 years later, so am I.

It's a new moon tomorrow. It's a new month today. It's a new quarter, our third of the year, starting today. These are GREAT GREAT times to start new. If you are like I was in my twenties, and it feels daunting to truly create change in your life. Then I invite you to do it around these times. New Months. New quarters. New Moons. This is what certainly helped me. And practice, practice, practice.

Take a few minutes this week. Quiet your brain with some mellow music, or get outside. meditate if that's a regular practice for you. What is your intension for your life these new two weeks, this month, and over these next few months. Simply. Honor your hearts calling. Where you feel led. what pulls at you. Where you know you could be healthier with yourself. Try not to judge, criticize yourself, just listen and jot these down.

My best suggestion is don't go all Type A on yourself. Keep it short, clear and feeling good. Exciting even. Say a prayer. Put that paper out where you can see it. Reflect and adjust it as need.

Setting clear intensions are magical. Are powerful! To me it feels like God and my heart have a cup of coffee in the center of my chest, while we are hearing and I write down my #followyourbliss actions. Straight UP! Downloaded guidance with spirit tuning into the big picture of our earth all while following my own unique light and serving that both for myself and in service to our world.

Have fun!!! I make a while ritual out of it. With candles, my crystals. Oils of course, and sometimes I'll pull cards too. I journal and let emotions flood through.

Honor YOUR light. And set those intensions. Shine, my friends SHINE! We all need each other. What is calling you to redirect, quit, change, adjust, add, play, step into..... I'd love to hear if you feel cozy sharing.

Oils to inspire and light up new intensions: Lemon! Sandalwood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, Roman Chamomile, Passion, Motivate.

Keep these oils near (or any that pulled to you as you did this), and diffuse them, and wear them over the next few weeks to keep your brain rewiring toward your new intensions!

Love and always Light, Daniella


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