Nothing will work unless YOU do

Wisdom by Maya Angelou

As a business owner, and creative, there are A LOT of powerful, talented!, beautiful, smart, success women (and men!) I am around pretty much, Daily

I gather with them, both online and in person, weekly. They make up most my friendships. Most the pockets of my relationships. We gather for education, learning new tools to aid our business's and selves. We grab coffee and talk shop. We are in the water together spitting ideas. We Zoom online weekly, sharing our journeys and ideas. I see YOU (prob you reading this.. haha), on IG and FB. Your vibe certainly attracts your tribe and mine is inspiring, innovation, charging!, dream catching, building, carving, trailblazing and ... of course much learning and relearning, growth, trials and hurdles

As women, I’ve seen both in myself and others this over drive of masculine energy. It’s incredible to see the courage and strength it takes to create, build, and run a business. So many are mother’s too. The juggle is REAL. I feel it in myself a constant observation to make sure I am pausing, breathing, getting sleep, using my oils, taking my supplements. Being PRESENT. And finally, this glorious piece I was led to after much healing, JOY! Pleasure! Reveling in our days! Actually enJOYING life again. NOW

This came at a cost I don’t ever want to pay again. It required over a year of recalibrating my former Type A, Over Planner, Push, recouping my sleep, regaining weight, healing anxiety and panic. It took going through separation and a divorce, as a mother, to shake me to the core and invite the deepest healing I have ever done. My body knew, I just needed to follow it. I always see this vision of my body taking my fiery heart and soul by the hand to direct to a healthier pace

Trust me, my knee jerk reaction is to go back to my decades of an unhealthy pace. I see every week, where I simply cannot keep up with all the pieces I “should” know and do for my business. I got sucked in yesterday to a conversation about spread sheets, and felt dumb I still didn’t know, at 45 how to do one. IT wasn’t until I got home and remembered I had built a success life and business for 45 years with out one. I think I am doing just fine

My best tips are this for running a healthy life as a business owner, from what I have gathered so far, from my own experience and much wiser stellar older women I love trust and admire in same boat

Do the thing you LOVE MOST first thing in the morning

Sleep, lots and plenty

NO comparison Honor your strengths, LET THE REST GO!

Hire or trade for help every where you need. Figure out a way. There truly always is, even if it takes time to find

Trust and Faith and regular listening, ( I love a regular morning and evening ritual, see my post and free downloads on this HERE), will carry you through the things that light you up. As long as it feels good

Today, I am going out on a limb posting and sharing this. I am stepping into my faith AGAIN. I have a lot ahead of me to tackle and figure out. In most areas of my life. What I can say is I follow what feels good. What feels heart opening. What feels most peaceful and present. While softening to listen into your self for the way. We are met with such support, God, Angles, Guides, and of course our plants! And earths gifts. What ever you believe. Call it in to join you. By all means, let's make sure WE are working, by KNOWING ourselves. In process, together



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