One Minute Recipe: Bath Salts

One Minute Essential Oil Recipe Big sister went to a sleep over. Had ridiculous fun! So did mama & lil sister before we left. We cherish our Ohana So so much Big sister is also gruuumpy tired now. And mom is happy it’s Sat, with less less less on the day. And Little Sister is still snotty. BATH TIME!!! About 10-15 drops each lavender & yarrow|pom with about 4 cups epsom salt. But please, don’t measure - just grab a glass jar, dump in epsom salt, then drop in some calming doTERRA essential oil, oil blends or combos. Sprinkle that in the the warm water Google the benefits of epsom salt for our bodies #ahhhhhhh 😌. Adding your essential oil to the salt helps it distribute INTO the water most easily too. Enjoy. Happy weekend ! #reboot#refresh stay rested. Stay healthy ✨🌱 I am here for aid & support always !


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