Perfect Timing

Deep thoughts and conversation about God’s timing/Devine Timing VS Ours. I just get so impatient and antsy and anxious when I feel such strong desires. Visions. Pulls. Especially when they’ve been there year after year after year. Though my intension is to stay present - here now. And savior these days instead of grinding away, I know the value and result of putting in the work and the results after consistent dedication as a life long dancer & entrepreneur • It’s a constant prayer. A practice of meditation, nature and my breath. And, realizing that the life right in front of me IS exactly as is should be right now, not exactly how I ever pictured it, and FILLED with blessings of perfect timing, not mine • I met my dear friend @bria_79 when we were both in deep valleys. An obvious answered prayer, Little did I know. I was living together through separation, for our girls, so when it was his half of the day, I’d go set up at @hacoffeebar and work..and hide my million tears in my vanilla lattes & scones. And every morning she was there, with her bright smile, energy of perseverance , strength of spirit ...and soon after, we became friends • @realrobbell said it best. Travel your life near others with similar walks. Those who have traveled further, those at similar distances, and those who’ve just begun where you were. We need each other. We need the light and love and encouragement. We need to give that back to another. I think it’s what this whole thing is about • Im so dang grateful for our Ohana. For the dear friends in our lives who love us through that we love right back so so much. Though my heart pulls and sometimes aches, my body and spirit know. As Bria often says These are the days! Perfectly unfolding in absolute perfect timing. Today was perfect. Thank you 🙏🏼❤️ #soulsundays#jackhandyforyourday #surrender#faith #nowisperfect #revel#bestillandknow #chilloutdearheart#breath and oh as you run, what hindered love, will only become part of the story ❤️


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