September | Promotions Convention Classes

This Week~ Open to EVERYONE

Simply head to and events. Click on convention and register. For just 30. you will receive Wed - Sat online education, company updates, New Products and Oils release, our Humanitarian efforts over last year, Development with our Science Board- Talks with Dr. Hill. Our growers and distillers around the world. and .. so ... much... more.

YES! It is recorded. And can be accessed until October

Personally, it's a little hard to NOT travel and see my business team, for the first time ever since I began this journey partnering with dōTERRA. So many sweet memories, traveling with my girls, taking little Naila from 3 months old until weaned.

However, this feels INCREDIBLE to offer this access open to all of you with such ease and affordability. It's adaptability and how we are finding all the ways to keep charging forward with health, healing and supporting our world and each other.

Watch Party INVITE!

To my customers and followers and business team, we are gathering during the second sessions of Thurs- Sat for a watch party from each of our home - together!

Simply email me back ! You got your ticket and I will add you to our Private FB Group.

We will have prizes, FUN! and shared JOY - in community as we learn together.

I can't wait to SEE you!

Weekly September Classes

Every Tuesday with a new Subject

Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday Back to the Basics

Tues the 15th | Convention Recap

Wed the 16th | Review and Recap of New Oils and Products

Zoom ID to Join Right on the Flies below

To receive the Tuesday Class recordings, email me back with Request

My Healing and Growth inspiration this month

Blog Post here

tips & ease to support

As always reach out with any and all questions. September guides us into our busiest months with so much to offer and aid you with.

Here always, with my




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