September | Rewiring

Last night Naila picked the perfect book for us all at bedtime. It was obviously meant for us all, and in perfect timing to reread and now apply. "I Think, I Am !" kids book by Louise Hay. Also in the first days of September, a local- spread the positive business- called CAN. put out a challenge #30daysofcan Needless to say, that's all the nudging I needed to give myself more healing, love and growth.

As much as I feel an optimist. A glass half full. A find the good, find the growth woman. A lighthouse. A preacher of - All the bumps teach us. Of cheerleading my friends and co sisterhood in work to find solutions, or new ways to thrive, heal, be, discover ... though ... it all! There was this shackle and chain feels darkness lurking. And not just because of the 2020 theme of uncertainly and change. They are my own, very well known shadows.

I was feeling an undercurrent of the same lows connected to specific areas that had consistent limiting, even harsh repeating patterns. They are quiet and sneaky. Looming around until I hit my next bump, and you know this year, there are many trips in the road. Rerouting IS the theme to me. Then finding the positive in that new flow. These years old negative favorites of my brain need some rewiring.

I know this is the next level of my remembering and refining of my own light. If I am going to keep preaching to Shine for all that only YOU are, I better #walkthatwalksis. All ready just a few days in, it's stirring and releasing many that have been stored up tightly. It feeling better. It feels like giant hugs to myself. Like I how I would soothe or ease Daysha or Naila when they get upset or hit a wall. And, like exercise or eating good foods or getting your sleep IN, it takes effort right now. Developing new Habits, starting at the very core- with my thinking. Old thinking, these tiny hooks are sharp and years of habit getting their way. Sneaking buggahs. Taking plenty of preventative steps.

Here is what I am doing (so far). I will continue to share my jouney online, and blog again at the end of the month. Keep these new habits up too. This year is requiring this. The new world and all the constant change and new. I know we can rise. I KNOW we are here to grow and heal. It's asking us to.

Create your affirmative statements. Specific to your needs. Counter the habitual negative slogans your mind loves to limit you into repeating statements that free and unleash you...

Start the Statements with : I AM... A FEEL... I CAN...I DO... I HAVE....

I also LOVE using these two:

I give thanks for.....

I am so happy now that....

Enter the end result. Release allll the HOWs. Leave that up go God. Just merinate on the end result and HOW that feels! There's hard science on how this works and what is happening both in your brain and energetically. You can look that up further.

What I am remembering: IT's SO FUN!!!!!!!! IT's playful. It's energizing. It's much better then repeating the limiting thought. Further that constant vent, whine, complaining to my friends. Doing that just keeps hammering that nail in the coffin and quite frankly, I find quite boring. 🙄 I bore myself.

Do new ones daily. Post em up around the house. Type them as reminders in your phone. Paint them. Draw them in the dirt in the yard.... just keep em coming.

Playlists for the instant Reroute I just found it much quicker and easier to always have playlists of music I love. Also on youtube, having lists of favorite things like guided meditaitons, inspirational talks, and so on... Keep them at your finger tips to fuel or reroute the dark to light

See it to Believe it | Visualize This is powerful sauce. Ready? Just like many coaches guide their players to visualize their game or routine BEFORE the event. Visualize what you are desiring. Here's the thing. I have researched this. This can be just 30 seconds. Pause, set your timer, or just gaze out into the sky and visualize the end result. How does it feel? What are you seeing? Just take some seconds or minutes, close your eyes and do this daily. Lovingly Guide your brain to See it to Believe it. Sometimes I jot down what I see, sometimes I just let it sit till the next one. This is the step that produces the most juice for me. Then, go back to your day, and stay outta the way with the How's. Let bigger spirit align all that. #flow #letgo

OILS to support the rerouting

Simply inhale- take off the cap.


Apply safely.

(If they have the supplement facts on bottle), can ingest too

Here are just some suggestions I adore for this process.... please go with YOUR gut too. YOUR body knows. It will guide you, sometimes simply by what you want to smell. Trust it.

Trust your kids too.

I love following what they want to smell. Sometimes they are guiding me too ☺️

Arborvitea: Grace Filled, Trusting, Peaceful, Surrender

Basil: Energized, Renewed, Rested

Cypress: Trusting, Flowing, Adaptable

Lime: Engaged, Courage, Determined, JOY

Wild Orange: Playful, Abundant, Sense of Humor

Adaptiv: Adaptable, Reassured, Calm

Align: Aligning, Open

Anchor: Stable, Clear

DDR Prime: Transformed, Repairing, Rebirth

Zendocrine: Revitalized, Unrestriced, Clear

Listen, we gotta do the work. It's up to us to take action and co create the life we are born to live. EVEN in 2020. Especially in 2020. More to come as I am stepping back in to these things too. I'd lvoe to hear how you do? Take a pic! Text me your affirmations. Or playlists. Any insight your are gaining! 808-631-6545. To YOUR positive, broadening, expanding YOU and life you are here to live.




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