Staying UP to date with me

One day. One day I will sync all this up and catch up this blog better with the last few years of content I had all ready posted from my social media accounts into the 4 catagories here! So you can easily head here and jump to :

essential home

essential body

essential heart & soul

essential tips & recipes

And grab tons of info and inspiration.

It just takes a while to loop it all together, get into swing of habit and keep grabbing all I had created and add it here on my super awesome site that I am in LOVE with.

IN the meantime. If you don't mind... keep checking in with either my FB page or Instagram page and you will be sure to stay in touch and receive weekly aid. LOTS there. LOTS.

Eventually most will be added here and I will be in a swing of adding here and on social media at the same time.

Example, this week on Facebook I am doing live video's every day on tips for using doTERRA with our kids and babies.

Enjoy! And thanks for your patience for those of you NOT on social media. (i get it... I so get it...).

Mucho Aloha :)


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