Sweet Dreams My Love

Sweet Dreams My Love😴😌

There’s a reason you’re seeing so many of us doTERRA junkies posting this combo. Because when you personally feel the results you gotta 🗣 too. For the last week, I’ve taken 1 of each at bed time. A couple nights I took 2 Serenity Soft Gels + 1 Copaiba. (You can play around with combo that goes with your need/evening/cycle/body) By the time book time was over with my girls I was passing out. And ! I stayed asleep. (That’s the big one for me through last few years of big healing, falling asleep and STAYING asleep). Cause sleep is GOLD in my home. We protect it like 🤺

During the day I either apply or take Copaiba about 1-2 times for anxiety ease, cell health, ...so much more, you can see my previous posts on our 💪🏼🌿 copaiba. I have also will take 1 Serenity soft gel during day during high stress 👌🏾🤪 More Sleep aid : Evening Rituals. This has by far saved me & really helps wrangling two monkeys down by myself👌🏾💪🏼. By 7, no screens, lower lights in home. Bath - Showers (with Epsom salt infused with calming oils). Books. Diffusers on. Oils for cell health + calming blends on all. Few ideas : Peace, Calmer, Serenity, My roller of : juniper berry+ Vetiver+ wild orange + cedar wood. Snuggles - prayer / deep breaths. Lights off by 8/8:30


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