Sweet Dreams My Love

Do you have a bed time routine?

Here’s some easy, simple steps to help everyone get their Z’s, Vital to over all Health and Wellness. Gotta get Sleep for our bodies to run efficiently, our moods to stay grooving and during these months of common ailments passed around - fight the good fight💪🏼

Here are some things I do my best to flow with every evening with my kids:

Around 7/7:30, lower the lights. Screens off. Food DONE

Vitamins Taken. Probiotic taken. Water for kids, Calming Tea with oils for mama

Diffuser on with : calming oils like all that are in pics above 😴. let the kids fill them

Brush Teeth

Oils ON. Kids and I massage each other in my bed, books near.

Read to them In Bed.

Say our thanks and prayers. Good gratitude for the day.

Lights OUT by 8 ish.

Mom, Lights OUT by 9 ish… ok 10 sometimes 😬

Once kids are asleep, I’ll listen to audio book in the dark, do a guided meditation, Take Serenity Gel Caps. Apply bit more oil. Oils right on night stand. Sometimes I write to dump out what’s lurking in my Brain, that needs to get out, or the “oh sh&* I gotta remember to do THIS tomorrow. Pen and paper by bed make it easy #reallife

Easy. And once you make it routine, it’s even easier. My kids basically run this for me.

Until the 15th doTERRA is offering this Sleep Kit at 30% off, to help make this Evening Routine easy.

Sweet Dreams Kit: One of Two new kits - each 30% off

😴SWEET DREAMS KIT: Calmer Roller Blend perfectly diluted for babies and kids, powerful enough for adults. Serenity Gel Caps, ( I LOVE these during high stress days too! Just one to help ease as need. AND at night 1-2 at bed time), Bergamot- oh how we love YOU. From the Lemon family. It’s magical support much like our Wild Orange has the ability to “even out the room”. The citrus uplifting scent actually help calm and settle. And an old school fav: Roman Chamomile. Been using this sweet plant since newborns. Settling mood, mood, energy, skin, and tummies too.

DM Me with questions or help~ To your deeeep Sleep and Beautiful Rest!


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