Swish Swish

See that bad boy on the far right. Notice mine is over half gone already ? Yeah, you’ll love it too. Replace you’re blue colored (srsly tho, what makes it blue 🤔😨), mouthwash with one that tastes like your On Guard toothpaste, with oils known to love on your complete oral health. gums, teeth, tongue, (even digestion too, for that little bit that gets swallowed) #swishswish . . . Amen to our oils in everyone of our clean products, as the powerhouses💪🏼 To a company that will give you a label and a further detailed full PDF of EXACTLY what’s actually in your beauty & first aid or bath cabinet. (Spoiler 😡, in our country, no company is required by law to list ingredients in these type products, they can omit or even add to their label) . . So you can order your home, bath, first aid, beauty needs for 25 % off, and if you choose monthly even receive a rebate with every order over 50. Rack it up, split it up, order from your jammies, then enjoy the time you saved not running to the store or paying separate shipping costs everywhere. #onestopshopgetitgetit 💃😎 . #happydance . . PS I could have put a down payment on a home with the money I’ve spent on my teeth since I was a teenage. #nojoke Perfect Vision. So so hearing. Awful prone to every cavity, crown city, root canal, ....at 20 I learned what a payment plan was 😳😫. #madeforexcellentcreditho 🤷🏼‍♀️🙄 so.... these products matter GREATLY to me. And yes, they work and my de rust visits have checked out much cheaper last few years. Thank you On Guard !


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