Teaching and Empowering our Kids

Daysha, age 8, chose Thinker & Rescuer today. What an incredible time we are in, that our kids are learning easy, made for them, essential oils blends to support their mood, body, mind & spirit. And so THEY can empower their own lives by using them . . . Thinker : for focus.

Rescuer: to soothe an active growing body. (A kids deep blue)

Meanwhile, she learning about specific plants and the many ways they help us. You could even make each oil a whole project. Teach them what it looks like, where it grows, how we use the oil in the different ways doTERRA and our reference books guide us. Talk about a science, geography, health lessons. And empowerment for their own health! WIN WIN WIN!!! 🌿👌🏾 so so stoked. So is she !


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