Thoughts (Words and Action) become your Life. #citrusoils

#mood lately.

I am finding the more crystal clear I am stepping into my business growth and my personal growth, the more I am really #eyesonownpapaer

I am not a huge gossiper as it is. I literally feel my energy darken if I jump in on diving deep about someone else's journey. Yes, we all have our judgements of course, but I prefer to keep most mine to myself, and let everyone else off the hook. I am not God. I am not the boss of anyone else's Kuleana.

Don't you just love that word Kuleana. I hope I have it correctly, but from what I hear here on island, and how I interpret it, I understand it is the word for one's journey. One's unfolding. Actually one's personal responsibility. The word kuleana refers to a reciprocal relationship between the person who is responsible, and the thing which they are responsible for. Truly understanding Hawaiian and speaking it is a beautiful education.

We each have a unique path. I'd rather do more walking then talking. I'd rather look in the mirror first. Might have to pout and kick rocks for a bit, or just under the covers and howl a few times... then it's get to work time.

Being a victim get's under my skin. I am no saint. I am very very human. But, I will do my own work. Every time. I will take responsibility for the energy, the LIFE I bring to the room I enter.

We could all sit here all day and criticize each other. It's so easy to see a clearer path for someone else's life sometimes. We each gotta go through our own valley's and travel through.

Lime and Wild Orange to re route reroute reroute. #beepbeepbeep Back it up and turn in around. Look with in. These are some questions I love to ask myself.

What is this triggering in ME?

Is there a part of me that can totally identify with that behavior?

Is there a pattern in this kind of behavior, personality trait that I AM attracting in my own energy? (usually big awareness here!)

Can I feel compassion, empathy, simply love, because, though it's not my valley, I have been through plenty valley's.

Once we return to self, I have noticed there may be overwhelm, fear, anxiety... you name it.. cause now we gotta deal with ourselves. #whew Smell these oils. Let them, and others like any flower oils (lavender, clary sage, ylang ylang... ) , wood oils ( cedarwood, cypress, douglas fir...) so many I could suggest here.

These oils offer Love, Forgivness, Ease, Receiving.... and our bodies gobble our oils up! So having them around to reroute our thoughts, feels, words, diffusing all day, or having in our purse, car... very helpful and powerful.

One minute at a time, love yourself through it. I always imagine kneeling down next to my super sensitive 8 year old. Seeing her eye to eye. Or just sitting next to her. With out an answer. Just simply BEing. With her emotion, mood, bump in the road. my sister reminded me of this about a month ago. Oh the Power of simple Being with any and all uncomfortable feelings. It's the only way through. Take breaks to lighten the path as need.

As always my love and always light on your journey of growing and healing. #wesogothis



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