What?!?! (Ear Care Tips)

For all of you swimmers, ocean lovers, ear sensitivity or chronic ailments with.


I was burn with not so great hearing. I easily can get an ear infection. All the hours in the ocean hear defiantly does not help. My daughters seem to have the same sensitivity.

Before and after we swim, I apply diluted Melaleuca around the front and down the back of their ears. This super power plant loves to help our ears health. Basil too!

Keep our Melaleuca Touch on hand. Or make your own roller ball using one of the following recipes.

Its certainly kept is from getting an infection, fighting off bacteria and viruses.

I still can’t hear great ... what ? Haha ... but! we all can swim with peace & no ear infections.

Love Your ears

In a 10 ml. roller ball add about 25 drops melaleuca + 15 of basil, top off with fractionated coconut oil. Apply before and after swimming. Apply nightly at bedtime too, as need.


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