"When one door is closed, don't you know, another is open." Bob Marley

Since stepping into this new chapter this year, after a few years of deep healing through my divorce, while mothering our girls through. Of recovering and retrieving so much of myself that was tossed to the side in my marriage. Of remembering and honoring and nurturing myself back to feeling good and stronger and energized.

After those years, 2019 has felt like a beautiful resting point on my journey. I see a big valley behind me, I see much more life to navigate through ahead of me, but for now, a resting point that is peaceful, a relief, passionate, GRATEFUL, and well... me. Much more of ME here now. I feel Kauai's winds in my hair as I often gaze out into the endless Pacific Ocean where it meets the sky. Abundance. And revel in more fun. More joy. More knowing my daily life is IN flow now. I continue to root down and go with in to simply follow what feels light... what feels free... what fuels my passion and excites me, what keeps me vulnerable in my growth for my business and heart, so as to keep compassion and new newness always unfolding. Creative juices flowing. Overall Love everywhere.

At this place this year, there has been A LOT of new decisions to make. New view point. New - Refreshed me. New choices, Every Single Day. At first it felt overwhelming. Knowing I am a bit flighty and Tigger like, #whahohohoooooo and to get my work done and mothering and home in flow I'd need to focus a bit... ha! But how to stay in flow and tapped into God's guidance, Angels's whispers, My heart space~ Soul Space - who requires us all to be still and listen- honored.

The easiest way so far has been to simply find what I want is to keep discovering more and more, what I DON'T want. In every single area of my life. Closing many doors that don't serve me in the moment, or perhaps over all. That feel heavy, or cost too much, or are just too much work.

For certain I see over and over, when we do this.... Many more Many Many more can open.

It feels like this processing of moving I am in right now. Decluttering your time, your schedule, your stuff! and space. So you can FINALLY SEE what it is you really want. What truly matters. What and where that lights your up... with OUT judging why.

#followyourbliss #somuchlessissomuchmore #pausemoreoften #slowdown

At first it anchored into my time management. I worked with two Ayurvedic practitioners to help me ground that in. One of which is Kathyrn right here on Kauai. We are so ecstatic about what we both teach and offer, we are collaborating in June - teaching a workshop open to everyone at her Elemental Practice business in Kapaa. Eventbrite in the works, stay tuned to sign up. It will show right here on my website and have a link on my Instagram Page too @essentialshine. With my oils, my doTERRA routines, adding these routines and rituals helped handle for me: mothering, home care and work hours. And allows and fuels me to stay on this course of growth, service, and living my life that honors my light and purpose.

The next phase was to apply it to personal time. It's quit simple. What do you really want to do? In that moment or weekly? Lately, I found my self getting my butt to a boxing class EVERY Friday, no matter what. I had not committed myself to any sort of workout weekly in years! After decades of being a fitness trainer and teacher, there was nothing that really called to my 45 year old body and what it needed besides fresh air walking and some weight lifting to keep building muscle. And of course dancing always because that is like another limb to me. I found myself quickly buying gloves and determined to get there every week. I leave lifted, shifted, fueled, healthier and am now understanding why ... why .. why! It's processing out deep anger, resentment, rage that was stuffed way down, It's another community of local women also in similar health desired goals. #brothersandsisters #togetherwerise It just FEELS good.

Next, I felt this yearning to surf again. What???? You suck. You're old. So cliché living here. But..... But.... I tuned that out, grabbed the only board I have, a soft top, and Following that too has added such JOY and peace to my life. My girlfriend Shannon and I LAUGH so hard out there, talk story, marvel at the shades of blue under our legs, or the honu swimming by. The skies radiant colors as the Sun starts to do down, and day by day I am getting better and remembering how to surf again. Most of all, I just get there. No matter what. I say a lot of No's to do so. And I leave EVERYtime feeling better. Lighter. Happier. Go figure, I am getting better to. Feels good to dance and play with our ocean in this way again.

All of the above meant closing many doors. I still don't make it too all the things my daughters and I are invited to. I still usually pull in at least a 1/2 day a week to hermit out, get in bed, and just chill and be. I just recently said No, to some love, as I am dating now, because though it's kind, and passionate and respectful, there's too much weight to it. There's too much of what I want ...not there.

My last insight is this. Put your choices to make in your open hands. Does it feel light or heavy? Really truly simple. And then what ever static that comes around why you would NOT follow what feels lighter... well, that's your work to do - to heal through. OR add in some recharge, rebooting time after, if this is an obligation you simple feel you are wanting to stay committed to. Even things that light me up take a LOT of energy, so I plan down time, slow time after.

To you closing the doors to what does not serve you or yours.... and to the unplanned, unpredictable, magical, blessings of the open doorways that start to open for you all after that.

Oils to Boost this flow:

Cypress: The Oil Of FLOW!

Melissa: The oil of Light

Frank: The oil of Truth

Rose: LOVE

Magnolia: Stacks what is most important to the very top

Lemon: Focus

Go to your oils.... what pulls you? What feels good in this moment? Use that one too. 😉

Diffuse them! Smell them! Apply them ~ all day to help you hear what doors to close.

Love and Light~ And Always Aloha ~ Daniella


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