Your Scars are my favorite parts

Your Scars are my favorite parts.

This decade is all about this... though there are masks on physically - no more around me in relationships. So many hard but treasured conversations every week... just made me think today how Strength is defined, or rather how it used to be.

To all my friends that are just taking that next step despite how heavy it feels.

That are expressing with tears running down their faces, or rage running through their veins.

That are all listening. That are all showing up every day, especially when they don’t want to. That are surrendering over and over.

That are feeling the heavy heavy weight of their past- life, of life’s pains and hurts. Of past mistakes, violations, betrayal, loss, abuse.

That are fighting right this moment to just find some hope.

That are just f-ing trying to feed their kids, and get the errands done.

That are choosing to not overly numb or, some even sober...Instead process heavy emotions and pain. Find support, keep expressing, making art, exercise, work....

You are the bravest. YOU are theSTRONGEST. You are never alone. And YOU are my favorite. I love you. #40s #healing


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